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About Us

Q:  Who we are. 

A: We are an inter-denominational group of business men & women from Alexandria and surrounding area. Our board consists of 12 individuals who are in a variety of  businesses representing manufacturing, retail, professional, as well as retired individuals. Our purpose is to help encourage sharing Christian faith in the workplace by providing seminars, lunches and other events to provide practical insights dealing with ethical, spiritual and value issues.  We desire to help the Christian community "walk the talk".

Q: What denominations are represented on the Unity Foundation Board?
A: We do our best to look past each other's differences in theology, by representing a wide range of churches.  We are united as ONE through Christ.  Our current and past board members are members of the following denominations:  Catholic, Lutheran, Assembly of God, and spirit filled churches. We currently represent 9 different churches within our community.

Q: What we do.                                                                                                                                                   A:  We encourage and facilitate the understanding of God’s complete plan for a balanced and purposeful life at work. With 60 to 70 percent of our daily lives spent at work, we seek ways to facilitate learning.

We do this by assisting employers, managers, and employees in applying their faith at work. Our plan is to help them utilize their God given talents by showing them how to combine their faith with skills and experiences they already posses for the benefit of their co-workers, customers, employers and community.

Q:  How are you funded, where do you get your financial support?
A:  We are a non-profit organization 501(c)(3). We are supported by businesses, industry and individuals in our community.  **Your donations are greatly appreciated and accepted, and are completely tax deductible. Contact Sara to partner with the Unity Foundation through strategic giving.